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I am about to replace this homepage with my public instagram account

Feels much easier to update and more fun to be honest. Also the email adress connected to this home page absolutely FLOODED with spam… (that many girls cant be intereseted in me. Not that many… ) So to contact me, from now on, DM me on instagram.

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Adventures in Falkenberg!

Since monday last week,¬†me,¬†Oskar and Anna have been spending our days in¬†Falkenberg, Sweden. We’ve been working on some major things. Exhibition AND Performance!

First off I put the finishing touches to the exhibition “Balansakter” (Acts of balance) at Falkenberg Design museum. I will have ¬†my dance films on display as well as two interactive scenographies until the end of April. One of the rooms have been¬†tilted 10 degrees, with a slanted floor and the other one 90 degrees. The visitors will be able to watch themselves moving around in the rooms through tilted live-feed cameras.

The opening went really well and me and Oskar even performed some movements in the rooms to help the visitors engage in the playfulness of the interactive spaces.

Here is an image of the 10degree room and Weightless playing in the background.


Some visitors playing around in the 90 degree room.

More on the exhibition here:

Parallel to this work, me and the dancers are¬†working in the black box at Falkhallen to complete¬†the¬†performance ¬†“This side up“. It will be a of follow up of sorts, from the “Sensing currents”- show we did in Lisbon a year ago. Tilted stage, live-feed camera, projection and live music all merged into one multi sensory experience. This time I have been working, with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm, to put together 45 minutes of music. I have produced electronic soundscapes that will support my piano and vocals all done live. Oscar has been busy¬†producing and choreographing, and we are both so incredibly happy that Anna will be joining us for the ride one more time!

So far it has been¬†going pretty well. The tilted stage is almost finished and the projection seems to be working which is always a nervous point in the procedure. This time around we might also find a way to put me into the choreography, moving up and down the steep floor a few times. Might have to dust off the old contemporary dancing skills in other words…

Later today I will have a meeting with the sound and light people and it is starting to feel like we are really closing in. Friday they might be able to get a real piano onto the stage, fingers crossed.

The show will premiere this Saturday the 4th of February, 6 pm at Falkhallen theatre.

More on the show here:

Lisbon adventure

Last week Oskar, Anna and myself spent a magical 5 days in Lisbon as participants of the Voarte festival.

We had been invited to perform our live- version of the “Longing to fly”-concept, with a slanting floor being live-projected to a screen. But we also got to hold a workshop for 12 dancers in the set.

This required some serious planning, bringing the construction on an airplane, and we started off spending a whole day assembling the scenography with the help of two technicians.

Previous to coming, we had about 2 months to transform a 7 minute teaser into a full 25 minute performance, and for me, that meant a whole lot of music-work. However by some unexplainable magic, 7- min became 25 just in time, with some last minute adjustments right before the show. Good thing there are laptops to bring around now days.

From the images emailed to me to describe the location (gorgeous!!) I could make out a grand piano on stage. With great enthusiasm I talked the host into letting me use it, and volia Рwe also got a live music addition to the performance! (And I got to enjoy this beautiful instrument)

Here are some images from the week:

First off, some snapshots from the show. Good times. Fantastic theatre.

And finally, some images from the workshop and all the fantastic dancers we had the pleasure of working with. They really hit it off and started doing all sorts of inspired movements, stretching the boundaries for whats really possible in this challenging set.

Activity based workspace – Auto service center

Today I’m living that flexible lifestyle that¬†I preach.

This means I can have my car on service while I enjoy making music in a waiting area (ok its the stiffest possible furniture, but Im ok with that) with free wifi. Activity based workspace philosophy at its best! Produce music, have skype conference calls with Portugal, send emails and update your homepage blog, literally anywhere. Soon I believe we can all enjoy the freedom away from soul-draining office environments and everyday monotony РAND have our cars fixed while we do it. ABW РFTW! (Activity Based Workplace РFor the win)


And yeah, I brought my own coffee, wont take any chances on that…


Fujitsu moving in!

The day has finally come! Fujitsu has moved in to their new office in Kista Stockholm.

Here are some quick images of the office how it looks today – some furniture still to arrive before we can arrange the real photo shoot:


Nod huset – Kista, Main entrance.

4yU6xybDw2gixAKdmebZ9_JXpjOqELLalnYJ3H8F9Zc rq4C10ms4gj9j6i99czMoBfgcX_g2VcWLJJ_CYLmlng

Reception desk. Made entirely out of Terazzo, recycled glass from the streets of Milan.

pxf29ChuqxPNDARUzHdV6uLsx35hdLV1gFVewkqNEYM zQI0JNrDMKflANnjuxmvPNnWpqBwWbTZ6kX2ADpCgco

Some details from the entrance area. The plant wall, Im really quite proud of!


Premium conference rooms. Wallpaper gradients and a few of the 6 different colour-schemes.

VmRuedUcNQRErBftvr7_z-JVd8KUSDDPEeJKKjnSDS8  gXTOS0UsLBv09DWGlxPiTVaJgHx8yne9DyfMVhYlXVg

Conference table materials – linoleum or plexwood.

eRJydW2WYafvst0q71FyhlVzsvHeVsh_VT3oDBN4dgI NgYTOjbWNgh2iL2GbIC8L85Hn-DIYECk72mUdjBYdPM

Carpet design on the office floors


And if only all co-workers were to dress in red – everyday!!


Boxes everywhere, and finally – one of my most proud picks: The Moooi carp-luminaire. Japanese inspired design at its best!

More real-deal photography coming up!

One meter from the abyss

Today me and colleague Stefan had a photo shoot for printed information about the new IT-office we just designed. The photographer had us go up on the roof of our own office building, 12th floor, and pose on top of the actual roof. He tried to make us go even further out, but we insisted to stop at a distance of 1 meter from the edge.

This is what two architects look Рhalf scared to death, while still super exited about this long project finally taking shape.