Fujitsu moving in!

The day has finally come! Fujitsu has moved in to their new office in Kista Stockholm.

Here are some quick images of the office how it looks today – some furniture still to arrive before we can arrange the real photo shoot:


Nod huset – Kista, Main entrance.

4yU6xybDw2gixAKdmebZ9_JXpjOqELLalnYJ3H8F9Zc rq4C10ms4gj9j6i99czMoBfgcX_g2VcWLJJ_CYLmlng

Reception desk. Made entirely out of Terazzo, recycled glass from the streets of Milan.

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Some details from the entrance area. The plant wall, Im really quite proud of!


Premium conference rooms. Wallpaper gradients and a few of the 6 different colour-schemes.

VmRuedUcNQRErBftvr7_z-JVd8KUSDDPEeJKKjnSDS8  gXTOS0UsLBv09DWGlxPiTVaJgHx8yne9DyfMVhYlXVg

Conference table materials – linoleum or plexwood.

eRJydW2WYafvst0q71FyhlVzsvHeVsh_VT3oDBN4dgI NgYTOjbWNgh2iL2GbIC8L85Hn-DIYECk72mUdjBYdPM

Carpet design on the office floors


And if only all co-workers were to dress in red – everyday!!


Boxes everywhere, and finally – one of my most proud picks: The Moooi carp-luminaire. Japanese inspired design at its best!

More real-deal photography coming up!

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