Lisbon adventure

Last week Oskar, Anna and myself spent a magical 5 days in Lisbon as participants of the Voarte festival.

We had been invited to perform our live- version of the “Longing to fly”-concept, with a slanting floor being live-projected to a screen. But we also got to hold a workshop for 12 dancers in the set.

This required some serious planning, bringing the construction on an airplane, and we started off spending a whole day assembling the scenography with the help of two technicians.

Previous to coming, we had about 2 months to transform a 7 minute teaser into a full 25 minute performance, and for me, that meant a whole lot of music-work. However by some unexplainable magic, 7- min became 25 just in time, with some last minute adjustments right before the show. Good thing there are laptops to bring around now days.

From the images emailed to me to describe the location (gorgeous!!) I could make out a grand piano on stage. With great enthusiasm I talked the host into letting me use it, and volia – we also got a live music addition to the performance! (And I got to enjoy this beautiful instrument)

Here are some images from the week:

First off, some snapshots from the show. Good times. Fantastic theatre.

And finally, some images from the workshop and all the fantastic dancers we had the pleasure of working with. They really hit it off and started doing all sorts of inspired movements, stretching the boundaries for whats really possible in this challenging set.

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