Adventures in Falkenberg!

Since monday last week, me, Oskar and Anna have been spending our days in Falkenberg, Sweden. We’ve been working on some major things. Exhibition AND Performance!

First off I put the finishing touches to the exhibition “Balansakter” (Acts of balance) at Falkenberg Design museum. I will have  my dance films on display as well as two interactive scenographies until the end of April. One of the rooms have been tilted 10 degrees, with a slanted floor and the other one 90 degrees. The visitors will be able to watch themselves moving around in the rooms through tilted live-feed cameras.

The opening went really well and me and Oskar even performed some movements in the rooms to help the visitors engage in the playfulness of the interactive spaces.

Here is an image of the 10degree room and Weightless playing in the background.


Some visitors playing around in the 90 degree room.

More on the exhibition here:

Parallel to this work, me and the dancers are working in the black box at Falkhallen to complete the performance  “This side up“. It will be a of follow up of sorts, from the “Sensing currents”- show we did in Lisbon a year ago. Tilted stage, live-feed camera, projection and live music all merged into one multi sensory experience. This time I have been working, with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm, to put together 45 minutes of music. I have produced electronic soundscapes that will support my piano and vocals all done live. Oscar has been busy producing and choreographing, and we are both so incredibly happy that Anna will be joining us for the ride one more time!

So far it has been going pretty well. The tilted stage is almost finished and the projection seems to be working which is always a nervous point in the procedure. This time around we might also find a way to put me into the choreography, moving up and down the steep floor a few times. Might have to dust off the old contemporary dancing skills in other words…

Later today I will have a meeting with the sound and light people and it is starting to feel like we are really closing in. Friday they might be able to get a real piano onto the stage, fingers crossed.

The show will premiere this Saturday the 4th of February, 6 pm at Falkhallen theatre.

More on the show here:

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