Torsgatan 21

Really exiting restaurant project I had the fortune to be a part of end of last year (2014). It opened up at the beginning of the summer.

We were a pretty big team, designing a fine dining area, a fast food area, and a bakery.

It is located in Bonnierhuset, right next to The Bonnier art museum. So for the art pieces covering the walls we had access to choose from their huge art collection as well as get help from their curator.

The family of Bonnier started up one of the most powerful media and publishing corporations in Sweden, as a matter of fact, on the very spot were the restaurant is located today was were they kept their printing presses. Bonnierhuset was finished in 1949 and was designed by none other than Ivar Tengbom, the architect and founder of Tengbom – were I am currently working.

We picked up the printing press theme and created a design concept filled with ink, greyscale and machine-like elements. The ceiling construction was added as a means to deal with lighting but also to really reach that industrial feel.



torsgatan-1 (1)


torsgatan-2 (1)

torsgatan-6 (1)

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