Skype Stockholm

In 2011  I was involved in the fascinating process of creating an office for all of Skypes technical staff. The office space was located in a historical building, the brewery Munchen bryggeriet in Stockholm

The visual concepts evolves around audio and video technique. In all of the conference rooms the walls are covered  with patterns, built up of audio/video equipment and computer parts. The triangular patterns on the floors are inspired by a Skype-world map depicting wire connections, It looked like a fantastic, intricate spiderweb of crystalline shapes, which we turned into a graphical symbol. A symbol of what the Skype technicians are doing – creating world wide social connections.

Apart from the technical focus, there is also the Skype blue and the Skype cloud appearing all around. The bright colours are combined with a grey base and copper and plywood highlights.

07 02

10 04

06 05

08 01 03

Photos by Jason Strong


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