These are images from an office I designed in 2010. It is home for the employees of Dynabyte, an IT-company that creates software on demand.

The colour scheme comes from the first few html-colours that were avaliable at the birth of internet. The wallpaper in the conference rooms are all custommade ascii-artworks.

The rest of the wallpapers and door coverings I photographed and/or custom made. My client was specific on having a playful office. I thought – what could be more playful than a fancy dress party? So I let all of the doors and kitchen areas dress up as something else.

One day, when visiting the office building site, we discovered that the restroom ceiling was about 1,5 meters lower than the actual ceiling (which was really high) when looking in under the ceiling boards, we discovered a whole bunch of pipes and other fascinating technical equipment. Then and there, we decided to exchange the ordinary boards with clear plexi-glass and to put up a lighting installation above.

05 04


02 01

09 10

08 03


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