Domes of silence

Highlight of the day – this word I learned from a colleague. Its what you put underneath furniture to make them glide smoother on the floor. Furniture glides if you will. In swedish they are referred to as “furniture paws”. In english…. DOMES OF SILENCE!

For real. That name is for real. It’s not some corny band name, or an architectural structure from Game of Thrones. They’re tiny felt thingies with sticky tape on top.  I hade to image-google it in order to believe him.

Goodness, the english language is full of surprises…

thoughts on cords

So I’ve been working at home today, maneuvering my musical and artsy machinery with fierce determination. I hade a great time doing it, but my homey workplace made me think about things. Cords.


(an ordinary workplace, possibly mine.)

I love cords – in some sense. These coiling, flowing linear beings filled with the passing energy, that makes all of our electrical friends tick. Chords are like blood vessles in a way, transporting the forces of life, from a source right into the heart of all of our work and entertainment devices. They help heat our stoves, keeps our food cool, does our dishes, our laundry, our work, our communication and our lighting. They are awesome, and they are everywhere – literally, intertwining all the human power sources of this planet like a giant vibrating spiderweb. But honestly, how can that still be?

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(Above images not my doing unfortunately – damn fine use of cords!)

I hate cords – I mean come on! Just look at them! So. damn. messy. We put people on the moon 45 years ago, but still no one can fix this utter and inexplainable mess that stirs in all our corners and grows from under our worktables. We can grow ears on mice, we have printers that can print concrete architecture, we can grow meat from vegetables, and as we speak, scientists are trying their best to recreate a tiny black hole on earth… But still, no one can do anything about the damn cords. Everyone has just succumbed.

435bbbcfe445885c2060f51b3f6d4111 (This person has succumbed.)

I get that it sounds like the biggest first- world problem ever to be adressed, but its not so much the annoying mess and the gordian nots of all my everyday devices, as it is the complete ignorance from designers and It companies. All that time and creative passion spent, designing electrical tools. All of the thinking, sketching and calculating and refining a product, only to top it off by sticking a long, bulky, roudy beast to it. Most possibly a black one (why always black!?), to make sure it  really, REALLY stands out against your white walls and white desktop.

I don’t necessarily demand wireless, I’d be happy if only someone would put some thought into them. Perhaps just making them smoother, smarter, smaller or in a nicer material, I would even settle for more flexible… just do it. please.