A flooring story

So pretty big office project, about 3000 sq meters. All the details in the rental contract had already been set when our team came in. Normally that means there is very little one can do about carpets, walls, ceilings and pretty much anything besides furniture. You can make changes, but the landlord will charge you for it. A lot.

All throughout the premises one single carpet was planned – in grey or beige. Nothing bad about the carpet, nice quality, good manufacturer. But the shades – or rather, lack thereof….grey and beige, goodness me..

This can really get me going though. If the limitations are harsh, my mind can suddenly turn into game mode.  And it sure did. First thing we did was call up the carpet manufacturer. They let us know that they would charge no more for the carpets would we decide to use more shades from the same collection. They also showed us other, fantastic quality, carpets which would cost only a little more, if we decided to switch collection.

So what happened was –  we went a little crazy… in the 14 premium conference rooms on the entrance floor, we switched quality entirely, into a 6 different patterned carpets – 3 gradient shades in each pattern  (hehe) – simply fantastic patterns! On the two remaining floors we picked no less than 12 shades from the original carpet quality and then I spent several hours making a pixelated pattern all over the thousands of square meters, pretty much a colour by number drawing where each tiny carpet tile got its own shade. Feverishly inspired.

So the reactions to this?

The client absolutely loved it.

The landlord absolutely hated it (I belive something like -NO-WAY-IN-HELL! was uttered) And threats were made on how much money they would charge for the extra work hours.

However, when the building team had laid it all out, it really didn’t make that much of a difference economically. And they sure made a fantastic job!

I went by the building site a few days ago, and this lovely sight met me:


(And for each of the 6 conference room carpets, I had to make a wallpaper design, to get a gradient to perfectly mach up with the flooring – Love this client for joining in on all of the extra! It really pays off!)


Its all coming together, and by the end of September the company will move in!

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